Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Munich Conference

After I returned to London from the preliminary meetings, Hitler tried to suggest his proposals. His proposals met with resistance from the French, the Czechs, and even some members from my own Cabinet. There was no agreement in sight. War seemed inevitable. On the 28th of September, I called on Hitler to invite me to Germany once again to seek a solution along with the British, French, Italians, and Germans. Hitler replied favorably. On my arrival in Munich, I was taken directly to the Fuhrerbau, where I later met up Daladier, Mussolini, and Hitler. The four of us held an informal meeting where Hitler proposed his plan to invade Czechoslovakia on October 1st. I began to raise the question of compensation for the Czech government and citizens, but Hitler refused to consider it. After a while we took a break and resumed the Munich Conference at about ten at night. The conference by then was mostly in the hands of the drafting committee. At about one-thirty in the morning, the Munich Agreement was finished and ready to sign. That night, Daladier and I returned to our hotels and informed to the Czechs of the agreement. We were quick to urge the Czech acceptance of this agreement, due to the fact that the Czech evacuation was to begin the very next day. Later in the afternoon, the Czech government in Prague objected the decision, but ended up agreeing to its terms. Before returning to London, I decided to hold a private meeting with Hitler, in which I told him that I viewed the Munich Agreement as a "symbolic of the desire of our two people never to go to war again". I, being the appeasement advocate that I am, was fairly satisfied with the outcome of the agreement. In my heart I believed that peace could be reborn in Europe.
 Hitler and I after the Munich Conference

Chamberlain, Daladier, Hitler, Mussolini, and Italian Foreign Minister Count Ciano, as they prepared to sign the Munich Agreement From left to right: myself, Daladier, Hitler, Mussolini, and the Italian foreign minister as we were about to sign the Munich Agreement


  1. Chamberlain, your policy towards appeasing Hitler has only benefited me and the Axis Alliance. Now, World War II is inevitable, as Hitler and myself are fully convinced the Western powers are too unwilling to risk the chance of another war. By giving the Sudetenland to Hitler, you have just guaranteed the Axis power's victory over Eastern Europe. World War II would be the war in which Germany and Italy would prove to the world how weak the Western nations truly are.

  2. I am furious with this agreement that let Nazi-Germany control my people of Czechoslovakia. What were you thinking, Chamberlain?! By giving Hitler what he wants will only allow him to pursue his goals easily. We will not forgive you for such horrible decisions! Peace in Europe? We are part of Europe, but we are not in peace. I wish for you to reflect on what you have done and make wiser decision in the future.

  3. The decisions you have made in the Munich conference are ridiculous. Appeasement would not stop such an ambitious man as Hitler. I believe world War II was truly avoidable. Right when you gave him the Sudetenland, he automatically knew that he was an unstoppable force.

  4. Silly man! I, as a German, would have loved your wishful actions. But I am a man of great opposition to Hitler! You just informed Hitler of your weakness and of your ungainly trust! I, as a German, wish to save people from Hitler’s wrath! You wrote to me, sir, that I must come with a peaceful agreement instead of plotting to kill Hitler? What peace would come with Hitler! He is a man of great deception. Do not be fooled by his evil doings. I will forever more fight for the people who died due to Hitler and to those who suffered endless pain. You must too, come to the realization that you’re only full of wishful thinking. Do not hurt your own people for your mistakes.
    Claus von Stauffenberg

  5. WHAT?!?!? You have just revealed to Hitler that he is superior and that other countries could be stepped on! This policy of appeasement sure is not working the way you thought it would work. Now Hitler is taking advantages of everyone! Sudetenland symbolized Europe's only hope of stopping Hitler and the Nazis, then it was given away. -__- World War II here we come. :(

    Arnold Schonberg

  6. Everyone is thinking about the problems that arise in Europe. Everyone is so involved with the problems there; they underestimate us here in Asia. Well let me tell you something, everything for you in Europe will soon fall apart. The war is coming, and the Japanese are ready to take action and show the world who we are! >]

  7. I am sorry but I must put much of the blame for the war on you. Your policy of appeasement was a great failure. Instead of avoiding war you just led Europe into a horribly brutal war. Maybe had you not gave Hitler so many concessions he may have backed down and forgot about all his crazy, evil antics. But instead you allowed Germany to become so powerful, and boosted Hitler's ego. Now Hitler, with his newly strengthened Germany, has invaded Poland and is conquering all of Europe. And so young British soldiers are going off to fight against an enemy that we have created.